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You, the Rockin’1000 community 😍🎤🌍🎸😎
I would like to share with you the why I absolutely wanted to be part of the biggest rock band on earth and be among all of you, as a singer at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt for this incredible concert. 

As a musician, as a woman and mother and also as a Research Director specialized in Environment and Sustainable Development, I had one day, under moonlight on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, the great and amazing idea to become the singing princess for the earth. It was in 2016 and only a dream but indeed, it was the beginning of my great tale for the earth…

As I am a pianist and singer from the Conservatory (11 years of studies in France as a child and teenager), I said to myself that I would use my piano and my voice to raise people’s awareness about the environmental issues on earth. The thing is that I had given up music during more than 20 years, and even if having the great idea to become the singing princess for the earth was the best future ever thought, I had in bright awareness that musically speaking, it would be a massive commitment for me. Indeed, it was a real challenge, because I was taught classic music and I wanted to rock the earth with big electric sounds, like the ones the Rockin’1000 bassists and guitarists do.

Indeed, my goal is to raise people’s awareness that music can help spread the issue of environmental preservation, with loving or even very electric melodies, with love or even awareness lyrics, just like the big rock’n’roll bands of the earth did with their music and lyrics in their time. My goal is also to raise people’s awareness that us, as musicians or singers, we can be responsible in what we do, in our songs, in the making, in being positive, in having in mind the environmental issues (ways of communicating, energy, transports, waste, safety mostly in events). I want to show people how the music community can be positive for the earth and the future generations…

Below is an extract of my « Redemption Song » for the Earth:

This is why when I discovered Rockin’1000 in Italy two years ago, I set that event among the priorities of my own projects with Rose, The Princess of The Environment. First, musically speaking, it was a challenge for me and a great « target » to help me improve. Second, humanly speaking, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet many people from all around the world (42 countries) and spread the word about environment and future generations. Third, it was a unique chance to bring both environment and rock music at an international scale, as on my side, I am part of the international environmental community too, which is also like Rockin’1000, a family.

This last point is what I heard the most at Rockin’1000: « we are a big family ». In environmental preservation, it’s the same, « we are also a big family ».

This is why, with my participation at Rockin’1000 and my 20 years of experiences in environment, I proposed myself as the one who joins both families, so both can unite and act in the same way: raising people’s awareness about our today’s issues. So, I would like to talk to you about a great initiative in which I take part. And I would like to encourage you to think about it and maybe even join if you wish.

In my working life in the Principality of Monaco, my organization IMEDD, works with different state and NGOs organizations specialized in the fight against deforestation. We all see on TV or social media that many countries deforest. Scientifically speaking, the researchers have launched an emergency call to plant new trees on the earth. One trillion is the number of trees needed to maintain a good balance for the climate. We need to understand that when some countries deforest too much, they contribute to the modification of the composition of the atmosphere, the needed balance doesn’t work anymore, and this is why we talk about Climate Change and its consequences: the big heat waves, floodings, submersion of the lands by the sea…

This is why, to fight against deforestation, we need to plant new trees and support some responsible organizations for the management of the forests that implement a balance between economy, social and environment.

Below is the system imagined in the tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade » to plant trees:

We need to understand that the deforestation has some terrible impacts on the population of certain countries. As an example, in India, we find the Nyamar region. Due to the lack of trees and the big rain falls, there is a big erosion of the lands that cause damages to the population living on the shores, so there is a NGO called Grow Trees that initiated a project to plant trees in this region of India.
This tree planting is part of a bigger partnership organized by Grow Trees, the United Nations (UNEP), Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and WWF. They promote this project in order to raise people’s awareness about deforestation and the need of funding the tree planting.

I find this system very interesting because it allows everyone to participate and support tree planting. This is why I gave myself and my organization IMEDD, the guideline of helping Grow Trees, the United Nations (UNEP), Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and WWF in promoting their tree planting initiative.
First, I do information about this project on social media, but more than this, I use their system of tree planting as a tool to compensate the Carbon Emissions of my travels when I go abroad for the needs of the initiatives led with Rose, The Princess of The Environment (like the Expedition of the Planet, Musikmesse, The Vesuvius and my Naples region researches, Rockin’1000…).

For those who are not specialists, carbon emissions are created when we use energies or transports that use fossil energies (oil, coal, gaz…) because those energy need to be heated and cause some emissions of gases. At world level, we have entered in the time of a Climate Emergency. That means that the levels of CO2 released in the atmosphere are too important and they modify the natural balance, which causes the climate impacts that we all now live.
As I always search projects that can contribute to help solve those issues, I decided to commit myself in tree planting as trees filter the CO2 and produce oxygen. This is why I use the system from Grow Trees, the United Nations (UNEP), Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and WWF. I do that, even though my impact is small, because I can’t think of having a future on an earth in which we all have consequences for our lives due to climate change. I do that because I want to give a chance to the future generation. I have a son of 12 years old, I know that he will have to face with the other kids of his age even bigger challenges than us about the climate. This is why I act now, because the soonest we act, the best we give our children a chance for future.

For my Rockin’1000 participation in Frankfurt, I valued my environmental impact and it leads to the planting of 14 trees in India, through the system proposed by Grow Trees and Prince Albert II of Monaco. Here is below the certificate of my commitment.

This environmental certificate indeed goes beside my music certificate delivered by Rockin’1000. They both confirm that music and environment are related (the wood industry is also the supplier of the music manufacturers too and they use a lot of wood for the making of the instruments). Indeed, music and environment brought together can have a great and positive impact for the planet and for the eco-system of the forests:

You too, the rock’n’roll men and women of the Band of the Earth, you can be part of this great show for our planet…

Science and facts speak by themselves. Us, the people, we are the ones who can listen and act. I would like to encourage you, the musicians and singers from the Rockin’1000 family to peacefully think about what I share with you to understand how we can all be so useful for the earth and people, through our music, lyrics, responsible behaviors, but also in becoming the voices for our planet and the future generations, showing them concrete examples of what we do good. This is why I encourage you all to join the big family of environment and music, supporting both tree planting and rock’n’roll for the future generations. This is how we rock the earth 🌍 with the Monaco 🇲🇨 and France 🇫🇷 Team of Rockin’1000 😍🎤🌍🎸😎 and 40 more other countries are with us in the Team of the Earth, ready to rock people on earth to plant trees 🌳🌍🌳 and with luck, we will hear the « Crocodile who rocks for the earth » 🐊🎹🌍

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I once had a dream for the earth and that night at Rockin’1000 at Frankfurt’s Stadium, it was the realization of a step for people and the earth…

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