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🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 The story goes on for Rose, The Princess of The Environment and the making of her song « Miss Liberty » in a romantic rock genre…

When classic piano meets the metal guitar…

Music has this thing very special and unique, creating ties that unite people. Both classic and metal music has this common point of being able to create those amazing and great melodies. Indeed, this is mostly due to the genre of music, the way we need to empower songs, about high requirements in techniques of playing and even about sensitivity. The song « Miss Liberty » has this mix of a classical melody inspired by Princess Rose’s piano which makes it very peaceful, this classical and rocking guitar melody that she imagined for the Blue Prince with the amazing talent of the fantastic Garrett Peters, the reknown metal guitarist from California. It is surely a surprise to delight music lovers and people on earth as the mix of both is just so divine, making of the whole, a music for the next generation of a New World 💙🎸🌎🌹🎹❤️

Garrett Peters is the talented guitarist of the song « Miss Liberty »…

Garrett Peters is a well known and highly skilled Californian metal guitarist. He has been playing for 16 years, taught by Brian McAlpin, the Psychotic Waltz guitarist. Garrett then honed his skills by taking influence from some of the most prominent bands in the power metal and melodic death metal genres. From here he developed his now recognisable style, blending melodic leads with intense, amazing riffs. He used these to great effect in the band Climhazzard, which he wrote and recorded in from 2007 to 2012.
Garrett is also a guitar teacher and he likes giving lessons in Orange County in California or on Skype.
Garrett’s YouTube channel, launched in 2009, has grown to have over 2 million views. His most popular video, a cover of Dethklok’s « Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle » has accumulated over 300,000 views. His other popular cover videos include solos by Symphony X, Wintersun, and Jason Becker. He has also had the pleasure of competing and placing in several online guitar competitions. Garrett also plays in melodic death metal band Mysidia.

Let’s now hear the amazing talent of Garrett, Princess Rose’s guitarist from California on the solo of « Flag in the ground » from Sonata Arctica, just to have an idea of who is the guitarist for « Miss Liberty », because we need to know that Garrett is the one who plays the role of the Blue Prince to make his guitar sing above Princess Rose’s piano in the song « Miss Liberty ».

Garrett Peters’s You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJUJvte-AA2v96tDDWmdxFA

Next step for the song…
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