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🌎🎶 Hello, people on earth ❤🌎🎶

Tonight was the Full Moon of February 2019… I couldn’t sleep… So I wrote my thoughts to share them with the earth…

I find it funny… Life in Blue vs Life in Pink… and even on social media…

It seems that women and men do not share the same space, nor the same things, nor they engage their community on the same aspects. It shows that if we want to reach both communities in the most positive way for all, we need to be present in several places. I see that men are really good in helping for music, sounds technics and networks whereas women are more often focused on sharing music through feelings, improve and collaborate, brand image and media. Women also build huge communities of followers who accompagny their music and lifestyles. Indeed, both men or women musicians communities are very creative, not only for their music, but also in the way of doing it, they just act differently. So, as a Monaco Smart Entrepreneur for the Earth, I feel that those two worlds would need to be united, because both communities of men and women could bring positive things and values to the other community.


I am also contacted by many independant artists and bands who want to make me discover their music for the planet and I really appreciate it. Do not hesitate to share music with me. I love any kind, but I will be honest regarding lyrics, I like to hear positive lyrics for the earth (no rude words or violence promotion, your song will end up in my computer bin straight away). Soon, I will provide a web platform on which artists and bands will be able to drop their music, so I can hear it, and I am even thinking of developing a webradio on which we could listen selected music for the earth with a target audience. That’s an idea, I will see what happens and if I am able to make it.


I also thought about the making of music, the events and their environmental impact. This sector needs to be structured as we are actually structuring most of the other sectors of activities at international regarding their Corporate Social Responsibility and their fight against Climate Change.

We all need to understand that investing time and money on environmental issues help the development of social and economy and as the world is connected, it shouldn’t be so hard to do it if we can rely on a big crowd of committed people for the earth.

All this leads me to say, that the world of music would need new opportunities to develop in which each musician could be empowered, bring his own value and grow. I feel that this sector is full of energy but not canalized enough, so it goes in all directions… It even makes me think of the song of The GNR, « Welcome to the Jungle »!


How can we have a jungle in music on a side and Smart Cities on the other side, the whole on the same earth? We need to share knowledge and experiences to see what positive things from other sectors could be brought into the music sector to bring positive value. Feeling free is the key point, but still, freedom needs a global collaborative framework accepted by all.


With all this, a new big idea came into my mind during this full moon… It’s much higher than doing marketing as many people do with all the technics that are promoted on social media through E-learning or Master Classes. As a Market Research Director myself, I followed one of these course to see the quality of the content provided. What is proposed is very good and useful. However, if we consider all the tools used by the big marketers, we are actually in a world of embryos…

The vision I have is much bigger. It’s about people, responsibility, trust, a will of positive development, strategies and structured systems…


I see it, regarding my previous experiences as a Market Research Director, that I could imagine and create something to make this world of music shine for the earth. From all that I see, it leads me to a big idea for music on earth: joining people bringing them peace and freedom in their music lives. It’s, from far, my best idea for the planet.

😍❤😎💙🌎  🕊

I see future exactly how we do it in Monaco… a world music life in a tiny village. However, joining is not only about putting people in a Facebook group. It’s a much higher ambition than this. We, as musicians, need stability and Monaco is the best place on earth to undertake music projects in stability. I know it as I undertake all my projects in this country, Monaco, and believe me, people on earth, it’s unique. Indeed, it’s a matter of allowing people to develop in a clear and supportive environment, building a long lasting eco-system surrounded by experts, technologies, events, media… I am already working on this point of technologies, as I am part of an international network of Internet Technologies initiated in Monaco about start ups committed to innovation in any kinds of fields. For me, the whole thing is about letting the things go freely while still having a guideline for all, the goal being to promote leadership, entrepreneurship and the sense of trust in the community. So, it’s going to take time for me to design the whole system I think about but I see already how to do it.

My first project will start with the crowd of Instagram and it will be mostly addressed to women, but not only, and in the field of Rock Green Glam, because if we want to rock the earth, we need the women from the classic and the online women musicians to emulate and rock the planet. Regarding their experiences of musicians, they are highly able to do it and the angelic voices of the women in pink will delight the world.

It’s only a matter of federation, understanding, empowerment, projection, rehearsals and glam…

Easy for the girls in pink when we talk their language


My second project will be addressed to Italy and rock’n’roll men in the form of a contest to build network with musicians and find the best guitarist of Italy ever heard on the earth who will be beside me, Rose, The Princess of The Environment, in the framework of my tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade ». I will share more information soon in Italy about this opportunity.


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