George Washington is related to Rose, the Princess of the Environment

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We never imagine how the world is so small and how everything is so related…

Here is an amazing story that I discovered when doing my family genealogy. What I discovered will make the world leaders of the White House and the Elysée Palace jump of joy as they have never jumped of happiness before when they know this story related to the History of the Founding Father of the U.S.A, George Washington

It happens that one of the relatives of Rose, the Princess of the Environment, one of the counts of Laval (Charles IV of La Trémoïlle, a peer of France, Duke of La Trémoille, Prince of Taranto, Count of Laval and Montfort) married a woman called Marie-Madeleine Motier de La Fayette, who, by the will of the 3rd of July 1717, transmitted the land of La Fayette to his little cousin Jacques-Roch Motier, the uncle of Gilbert du Motier, Marquis of La Fayette, the important actor in the American Revolutionary War.

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette had a son, Georges Washington de La Fayette, who was under the protection of the General George Washington who considered him as his « adoptive father ». The Marquis de La Fayette also had a daughter, whose name was Virginie de La Fayette, who consequently was considered by George Washington.

George Washington, himself, was a descendant from Nicolas Martiau, who came from l’Ile de Ré in France and who was a French Huguenot of the reformed Christian religion who had to flee to England and then to Virginia because of his religion.

Another story is even more amazing.
Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is related to George Washington. According to the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston that published a book about Kate Middleton’s ancestry, « tens of thousands of everyday Americans » are distant cousins of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Therefore, we may believe too that many more thousands of Americans are also distant cousins from Rose, the Princess of the Environment and the kings of France.
This is the best news ever which reinforces the relationships between the Duchess of Cambridge and Rose, the Princess of the Environment, as twin sisters for the U.S.A.

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