Louis de Laval, Governor of Genoa and Liguria and Grand Master of the Waters and Forests in France

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1458-1461: Louis de Laval governs Genoa and the Ligurian Coast.

The King of France named Louis de Laval 7th Governor of Genoa and of the Ligurian Coast. The city and the region had chosen to be placed under the protectorate of France. Louis de Laval had to deal with many revolts. Forced by the king to ask these subjects of such recent date, subsidies and a fleet for a distant war, he was refused, treated without consideration in the council and soon threatened by an insurrection.

Withdrawn with all the French in the fortress of Castelletto, Louis de Laval stood up to the united factions of Adorno and Frégosi. The King Charles VII sent him help, but they couldn’t disembark. After the evacuation of the Castelletto, Louis de Laval was responsible for keeping Savona, a place that The King Louis XI returned by a treaty at the beginning of 1464.

Jean de Calabre (who is none other than Jean II of Lorraine, the son of King René I of Anjou, titular king of Naples, Duke of Bar, Duke of Anjou and Lorraine (by marriage), count of Provence, married to Jeanne de Laval) and Louis de Laval lord of Châtillon are governors of Genoa, on behalf of the king of France.


Louis de Laval is also Grand Master of the Waters and Forests in France.
Jean de Montauban and Louis de Laval were the only great masters to benefit from the right of appointment to all Water and Forests offices. On 24 January 1486, the King granted compensation to Louis de Laval of 1,200 pounds in exchange for the right of appointment of the Water and Forest officers.

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