The Little Prince Luka is a member of the Princely Family of the Environment and the legitimate heir in first position of the Principality of the 19 Stars for all royals, organizations and people.

Childhood between Italy and Monaco
The Little Prince Luka was born in Nice (France) on the 21st of November 2006, as the first-born child of Princess Rose. He was raised in Italy by Princess Rose and in Monaco, where he became a child’s ambassador for the earth at the age of 3 years old. As a bilingual (almost native) Italian – French child, the Little Prince Luka helps the Principality of the 19 Stars, Monaco, France and Italy connect with international children around educative games or projects about environment.

Education between France, Monaco, Italy and Ireland
The Little Prince Luka first started his education in a French School in Italy, then he moved to an Italian school to master Italian as a native child would do. He then moved to an Irish school in County Kerry in grade 4 to learn English and prepared his entrance in an international trilingual system: French, English and Italian. The Little Prince Luka follows an international education path linked to science, technologies, languages and media studies. In 2018, he entered in grade 6. The Little Prince Luka is also fortunate enough to be part of many Monaco events for children, where he develops his skills and relationships with many international children and people: Monaco awareness week for children, European Mobility Week in Monaco, children’s exhibitions at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, awareness projects or events at Monaco Oceanographic Museum…

Hobbies in life
The Little Prince Luka loves sport. He committed during several years to Karate and he is green level. He plays tennis, swims, runs and do any kind of sports. He enjoys sport and socializes a lot. The Little Prince Luka also enjoys dancing, he uses different technology platforms for his learning and reproduces the dance movements in a modern style.

A passion for technologies and architecture
The Little Prince Luka is passionate about architecture and technologies. From the age of 2 years old, he started to play with the famous lego bricks to build houses, cities, wind power, electric cars… Then, he learnt technologies and uses gaming to develop his skills with assisted conception softwares, designing cities, innovative buildings and various means of transport. The Little Prince Luka uses gaming technologies to develop engineering skills.

The Little Prince Luka and his official duties for the Principality of the 19 Stars
The Little Prince Luka is a ambassador for children about environment and sustainable development and he participates in different events with his mother Princess Rose, or even by himself, to promote environmental preservation. He also empowers children in an international context, through education, games and songs (like The Blue Fish Song for the 2 Monaco Babies), about The Principality of the 19 Stars, Monaco, environment, the planet and children on the earth… And of course… the Little Prince Luka tells all children on earth about the role of his loving mother, Princess Rose, for the planet… He is proud child of his mother…

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