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🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 A dream about Blue Love for the earth… this is how all started for the singing and pianist princess

Once upon a time, in the world of tales…

One day, in one of the city of the French Kings, a six years old pianist girl made a dream and she saw herself singing nice romantic rock songs for the earth. Still that same day, in the New World, in the U.S.A, four boys (Jake, Derek, Garrett and Derek) made the same dream and saw themselves doing music for the earth.
But how, in life, do we make these things happen?
For Rose, The Princess of The Environment, nothing was more simple. She one day went to have a cappuccino on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. She played a few notes of blue love on her piano. She found the words to express her woman’s feelings and the song « Miss Liberty » was composed. All started with a cappuccino with a heart on top.

Then, Princess Rose started dreaming about Blue Love for the earth and about the Blue Prince and she told herself that she would go as far as the United States of America to empower people about environmental preservation and future generations. On her way to America, Princess Rose decided to play her music with the rock’n’roll men and this is how she met the four men of the New World (Jake, Derek, Garrett and Derek), the best of the best who had always dreamt to do music for the earth. Indeed, Princess Rose had planned a secret appointment with Slash, the fantastic guitarist of the « Circle of the Roses » at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Stadium and it was about helping the Blue Prince become the best guitarist on earth. This is how, Rose, The Princess of The Environment, decided to offer her song « Miss Liberty » to the four American rock’n’roll men who helped her create the most fantastic romantic rock ever heard on earth for « Miss Liberty ». This is also how indeed, they all became the best musicians for the earth 💙🎸🌎🌹🎹❤️

The cappuccino… in Monaco or on Broadway?

Would you believe that « The tale for the earth: Moonlight Serenade » (20 chapters) and the musical tale for the earth, still called « Moonlight Serenade » (20 songs) were both inspired by a cappuccino with a heart on top? Indeed, one day, Princess Rose was given this lovely cappuccino and when she saw the heart on the milk foam, her eyes met « Loving Eyes », the most beautiful on earth. That day was the day of her big decision for planet earth. Would Princess Rose carry on having her cappuccinos in Monaco or would she go to Tim.H on Broadway? It’s never an easy question to solve for a woman, it can have a big impact on a life.
The thing is that Rose, The Princess of The Environment is emotionally attached to the second smallest land on earth, the Principality of Monaco and to her cappuccinos on the Rock, but the call of the wild land with Loving Eyes was in her heart. Princess Rose couldn’t make her mind about her cappuccinos: « Monaco, Broadway?… Broadway, Monaco? ».
Finally, Rose, The Princess of The Environment, made her mind. She had promised to the Great Vizir of The Temple of the Sea to educate children and people about environment, so she designed the nicest viking expedition of the earth to reach Broadway and drink her cappuccino. Indeed, in Broadway, Princess Rose had planned a secret meeting with Princess Irène of Broadway (a French woman who empowered New York) and with the famous producer Lord Max de Sheffield, and it was about Mr President. Rose, The Princess of The Environment then started dreaming of the one thousand wanders of the United States of America and finally decided that she would have her cappuccinos in different American places with her friends, the American rock’n’roll men: in Utah, in New Orleans and in California and that’s how Princess Rose started to do music with her four talented musicians of « Miss Liberty », just because the singing princess for the planet wanted to have cappuccinos in the whole America ❤️☕️🇺🇸

Miss Liberty, a song to empower people to live their dreams…
In the common world culture, the United States of America represent the possibility of living a dream and indeed, many Europeans who immigrated in the past 300 years to America mainly did it to follow their dreams, hoping to find a welcoming land that would give them opportunities for their lives and their future generations.
The dream of Rose, The Princess of The Environment is the biggest dream on earth and indeed the biggest challenge for each human being, not only for her. The dream is about empowering people with music and words about the importance of preserving our environment at global scale for the future generations. From dream to reality, we sometimes need a group of nice rock’n’roll men who understand the dream of a singing princess and who bring force to her reality. This is exactly what happened for Rose, The Princess of The Environment and her song « Miss Liberty »… Princess Rose imagined the dream, told the story to the rock’n’roll men who started to believe in this dream for the earth 💙🎸🌎🌹🎹❤️

Miss Liberty, a song to encourage the women and all the artists to live their art…

« Miss Liberty » is an example of a concrete initiative to empower the women and the artists who dream for the world. As an example, everybody knows that only 2% of women work in the music field. We also all know that sometimes life can be difficult for artists. It takes time to find our own path, time to be creative, time to be known or even recognized. Princess Rose demonstrates with her song « Miss Liberty » that when you have a good and positive dream for the earth as a woman or as an artist, you find the words to explain the content of your dream to those who are the specialists. You impulse, you create, you federate, you realize. With hard work, commitments, passion and inner love, it becomes possible for any artist to undertake in its art for the earth ❤️🌎💙

A CO2 free management for the making of Princess Rose’s song Miss Liberty…

« Miss Liberty » benefits from a particular management which is about always having in mind the goal of reducing at most the environmental impact of the song making, especially by working exclusively on line with some musicians who have their own music studios (which avoids any kind of transport for the collaborative work, so no CO2 emissions) and by using the renewable energies for the electricity needed for the making of the song (Princess Rose’s studio, powered by hydraulic energy centralized everything) 🍀🌎🌳

This never ending story must be followed 🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸

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