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Chapter 4

If we all remember well, in chapter 2, we were told that the biggest conspiration of the earth to bring the Blue Fish to Monaco was created by Rose, The Princess of The Environment and that the name of the mission had been chosen: « The oil spill operation ».
However, in order to act with intelligence, Princess Rose needed alibis and then decided to use a cover name for the mission which would be more attractive for people.
So, « The oil spill operation » mission was renamed « The World Blue Fish Competition », a world event organized in Monaco by Rose, The Princess of The Environment with the goal of finding the most beautiful Blue Fish ever seen on the earth.
Indeed, the singing princess for the planet was a fine fisherwoman able to use magic tours to catch fish. She sent love lures in the ocean…
When the male fish saw the lures, they came by themselves to Monaco Oceanographic Museum and had the extreme honour to enter a unique and magical fish bowl committed to the earth…
So… for the « The World Blue Fish Competition », Princess Rose asked the Little Prince Luka to help her raise children’s awareness with funny photos of himself talking to the Blue Fish and children. The Little Prince Luka was very smart for « The World Blue Fish Competition ». He decided to be a modern and connected child to spread the word about the Blue Fish, seas and oceans preservation.
So, he created his own Instagram Profile (@littleprince19stars).
Princess Rose finally organized the whole competition (the welcoming of the participants, the jury, the information and communication about the event…).

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