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Chapter 9

In Monaco and all around the world, people were so happy to know that the Blue Fish had swum by himself in the sea to join Monaco Oceanographic Museum and Rose-Mary, the Monaco Pink Fish. Princess Rose and the Little Prince Luka were delighted to see that love was in the air. So, they decided to organize a big party in Monaco to celebrate the Monaco Pink and Blue Love.
As the little Prince Luka loved federating children about the earth, Princess Rose asked him to imagine an idea that could empower all children. The Little Prince often thought outside of the box and big and he proposed to organize in Monaco the most gigantic « Whales Ball » with the 2 Monaco Babies at Monaco Oceanographic Museum.
The idea was fantastic…
Monaco was about to welcome the most fantastic children’s ball of the earth with the 2 Monaco Babies so they could help the Little Prince Luka in raising children’s awareness about the planet… Princess Rose was so happy about all these wonderful ideas that she composed a song for the 2 Monaco Babies and the Little Prince, which became the Monaco Children’s Anthem for the Blue Fish.

Watch the video of « The Blue Fish Song » below and sing with Princess Rose


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