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🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 The story goes on for Rose, The Princess of The Environment and the making of her song « Miss Liberty » in a romantic rock genre with a little taste of the sound of Ireland 🍀🇮🇪💚

During the month of August, Rose, The Princess of The Environment, worked on the making of her song « Miss Liberty » with her American Team of musicians, the fantastic drummer, Jake Naugle from Utah, the amazing and swingy bassist Derek Dufresne from New Orleans, the talented metal guitarist, Garrett Peters from California, and Princess Rose on the piano and singing. Now, we enter in the deep subtlety of music, the thing we call « The cherry on the cake » or the « nec plus ultra » in latin, the amazing melody that makes the difference: « The Shamrock melody for the earth » 🍀🌎💚

The cherry on the cake is indeed the Irish Shamrock 🍀🇮🇪💚

For many Americans who have Irish roots and also for many people on earth, the shamrock is seen as a sign of luck. Everybody is taught as a child to the « treasure hunt to find the 4 leaves clover ». As « Miss Liberty » is a song which goal is to bring hope and luck to people on earth, the shamrock is the perfect plant to add in the recipe for a happy singing planet. Rose, The Princess of The Environment believes in the power of the shamrock, she discovered it in the land of Kerry in Ireland, facing the Wild Atlantic Ocean. There, in winter, the winds are so strong that they are able to blow away everything. After the storm, comes the rainbow and even the sun. It’s an everlasting natural Waltz for those who have Loving Eyes for the earth.

« Miss Liberty » deserves the Irish Whistle
Many Americans have Irish roots. Ireland is also indeed the second homeland of Princess Rose. The particularity of Ireland is that this country brought to America, one of its music instruments, the Irish Tin Whistle, a long time ago, back in the 18th century. It was used during the period of the war of independence when we could hear the crystalline sound of the Irish Whistle on the fields of fights. As « Miss Liberty » is a song about « The American Dream », that reproduces the American Anthem on the piano, Princess Rose found appropriate to add a lovely Irish Tin Whistle, which recalls in our ears the sound of the period of time of the Founders Fathers of the U.S.A.

Derek Cliff Crane is the Irish Tin Whistler of « Miss Liberty »

Derek Cliff Crane is American, from Utah and he has this kind of marvellous experience in music. His background speaks by itself.

Derek Cliff Crane is a former member of the Super Band of Soundhouse, a band that performs locally and internationally with some amazing artists like Dave Matthews Band, Journey, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Tower of Power, The Rolling Stones and the Saturday Night Live Band. Derek and his Super Band also shared the stage with more than 200 jazz artists like: Joe Lovano, Nicholas Payton, Gordon Goodwin, Dave Weckl, Brian Lynch, Poncho Sanchez, Dave Samuels, Jeff Coffin et Esperanza Spalding, Randy Brecker, Ernie Watts, Christian McBride, Bob Mintzer, and Peter Erskine. The first mission of this Super Band is to reinvent the Great American Song Book to bring back to today, some amazing songs of the past that are still able to empower people.

Derek Cliff Crane also played with many bands in various contexts: The Symphonic Orchestra of Utah, The Swing Orchestra of Utah LiveRoadside Ramblers, the Jazz Orchestra from Salt Lake City… Derek has been recognized many times for his music skills, he records solos that are used in movies. Among his experiences, Derek Cliff Crane was part of Hugh Jackman’s World Tour and he produced a #1 Billboard album.

Derek Cliff Crane brings the Irish Shamrock to « Miss Liberty »
Rose, The Princess of The Environment is so delighted about this collaboration with Derek Cliff Crane who is a reknown American artist. It’s such an honor to have Derek play the Irish Tin Whistle on « Miss Liberty ». This shows so much how all music instruments can unite for a same purpose, finding each their place for the only delight of our ears. It is also a great pride for the singing princess for the planet to have by her side a musician who experienced a super band at International level revisiting some great American songs. It is absolutely in phase with what Princess Rose also does at Rockin’1000, the biggest rock band on earth. Indeed, we clearly see that the whole earth commits to bring back values through music and that’s such a good sign for the earth and people.

Next step for the song… Back to New Orleans…

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