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The Blue Prince, the great hero of the tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade »…

💙🎸🌎 Rose, The Princess of The Environment is delighted to announce that the Blue Prince, himself, accepted to be part of the musical tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade » and of the future of Princess Rose’s dream with « Miss Liberty » 😍 Indeed, the Blue Prince has « The California Love for the Wild Rose » and he inspired the softest love with his Blue guitar to encourage Princess Rose to cross the Atlantic Ocean and have her cappucinos in America (the truth is that Princess Rose whispered the melody and the Blue Prince played it for her). The Blue Prince is indeed the great hero of the tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade ». He is the captain of the viking drakkar for « The Expedition of the Planet » led by Princess Rose and he is her sweet guitarist. The Blue Prince is also as talented as Slash at the guitar. That means, that we have on earth two best guitarists: Slash and the Blue Prince 💙🎸🌎
🌹❤️ How wonderful for the Blue Prince to do music with Princess Rose and rock people on earth! 🌹❤️

The Blue Prince learnt playing his guitar with Chuck Berry and Slash in a ranch in South California…

💙🎸🌎 As a child, the Blue Prince lived in the dry lands of South California as the son of the King and Queen of the Blue Kingdom. He was raised with the cowboys in a sweet ranch and it happened that his close door neighbour was the divine Chuck Berry. One day, when the Blue Prince was still a 7 years old boy, he heard the sound of a guitar rocking for the earth. He searched the guitar and in the stables, hidden among the most beautiful horses of the ranch, he saw a man called Chuck Berry playing his guitar. When Chuck Berry noticed the Blue Prince, he said to him: « Johnny, will you be good? Yes, Johnny, B. Goode ». Then, Chuck Berry himself gave the Blue Prince his first guitar and said: « now, you, the little boy, hold your guitar and follow my steps to rock the earth! ». So the Blue Prince started playing with this little kind of magic his first « Johnny B. Goode » and he never stopped.

Later in life, Chuck Berry presented the Blue Prince to the fantastic Slash and said: « one day, you, the Blue Prince, you will be as talented as Slash and you will become the best guitarist on earth » and he added: « to do so, you will need to seduce the world with Slash’s solo on Sweet Child of Mine ». Indeed, the Blue Prince had become the music son of Chuck Berry and Slash’s music best friend. Both wanted the Blue Prince to discover the beauty of sharing music with the next rock generation and find love.

Before the end of his life, Chuck Berry called the Blue Prince and he said that he had forgotten to tell him a very important secret to become the best guitarist on earth and he peacefully said: « You, the extraordinary Blue Prince, you will have to find your Rose, the singing princess for the earth, and she will you show you the path to the highway to love the earth » 💙🎸🌎🌹🎹❤️


The Blue Prince and his « Sweet Child of Mine » solo…

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