Back in the summer 2016, on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Rose, The Princess of The Environment was dreaming under moonlight while playing her piano thinking about Blue Love on Earth.

Princess Rose then composed 20 songs, each of them imagined as a love story for the earth. When she was composing, Princess Rose had something big in mind: she wanted to sing for the earth to empower people and countries about environmental preservation. She then wrote in 2018 the tale « Moonlight Serenade » with also 20 chapters, so each song of the album « Moonlight Serenade » corresponds to one chapter of the book « Moonlight Serenade ».

The album « Moonlight Serenade » is still on recording in a romantic rock genre. The piano is the key element of this musical proposal, supported by the other traditional rock instruments (bass, guitar, drums). Princess Rose is the singer and she does the back vocals too.
The album will be mixed and mastered in Portugal by Pedro Guerne who also plays all the other instruments for Princess Rose, except the piano that she plays herself.
The first song of the album « Loving Eyes » was released at The Concert of The Earth in december 2018 in Monaco, and Princess Rose was awarded as the most committed musician to the earth by a Jury of Musicians.

Title of the album: Moonlight Serenade (Rose, The Princess of The Environment)
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When creativing writing meets true facts, history, research, environment, fantasy and love, we have a tale for the earth

On the shore of the Mediterranean sea, a lady in pink who had a life in green became the singing princess for the planet

Princess Rose's Art
"Moonlight Serenade"

Princess Rose's art work is created under moonlight and aims to beautify the earth in colors to touch people's souls and hearts

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