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Origin of the song in the tale Moonlight Serenade:

In August 2016, a terrible geolocigal event happened in the tale for the earth « Moonlight Serenade », it was about the explosive eruption of a volcano called « La Pietra Gialla ». This volcano was a big as the Yellowstone Volcano in the U.S and as powerful as the mega-volcanic structure that we find at the Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei in and around Naples in the Campania region of Italy. This terrible event happened without any warning and giant pyroclastic clouds hit the slopes of the volcano « La Pietra Gialla » burying from one day to another the Ancient Castle of Rose, The Princess of The Environment, which was along the shore of the first ancient city of Italy that boarders France on the Mediterranean Sea, just facing the dam made of stones where children used to play and swim. Fortunately, some knights from the Ancient Kingdom of France had launched a warning to the singing princess and she had escaped just a few days before the mega-eruption.
Princess Rose has been investigating since that time to find out what happened to the Volcano of « La Pietra Gialla », she searched the protagonists and who could be responsible of this terrible geological event, because, as a volcano lover, Princess Rose knows that no volcano explodes without good reasons. She found out that Miss Piggie, the big Chief of the Council of the Oil was behind the eruption. She had led the volcano of « La Pietra Gialla » to a mega-eruption with the purpose of finding oil in the ground and a sort of sticky purple and toxic powder that could cause a major Black Tide in the Mediterranean Sea.
Princess Rose found also another explaination to the eruption of the Volcano, this time, on the responsibility of humankind. She had always found weird and not scientifically proven that some people said that us, the humans, we are at the origin of the increasing CO2 levels due to our transports. She investigated at worldly scale and realized that the only big amount of CO2 that was created was made by the volcanos that released giant quantities of many gases in the atmosphere; and that us, the humans, contributed yes of course, but not at the scale that we were told. Princess Rose discovered that all the volcanos of the earth had entered a phase of anger against the humans who accused them of being responsibles for the upcoming climate change, and this is why many volcanos want to erupt, just to spit their burning anger on people. The Yellowstone Volcano entrusted this story to Princess Rose. This is the why she goes on the Italian volcanos. It is to calm them, send them love and show them that even though we know that they are the responsibles for CO2 and sulfur dioxide, we will forever love them.

The writing of the song: « Le Secret »…

We need to understand that the Volcano wants us to keep his secret, even though we would like to know the whole truth, even though he gives us hard time to understand him. The Volcano wants that the History only recalls a random event and a mystery. Everybody is mute when facing the secret of the Volcano, we hear it but we don’t listen, the secret keeps being passed on through generations and the Volcano doesn’t even hesitate to cheat on the girl who wants to love him, the earth and the secret. The secret of the Volcano never derives, it comes from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea and it has a goal: going on for future. The Volcano shares the secret but maybe not all the secret and he recalls that he talks when he hears the deepest cry of the heart, the one that comes from within; the one that sings and loves another heart. The secret is a hidden pavement, it creates a dream, not a reality. Well shared, the secret is the tool that the tightrope walker girl, found to love him, the earth and the secret, and the whole story of the Volcano is  written on the stone, as the biggest evidence for people on earth….

The lyrics of the song: « Le secret » (French)

Il est là, le secret
Et il hante les nuits
De la plus jolie fille
Qui croque la vie
Il la plonge le soir, le secret
Dans une marée noire
Comme une funambule
Qui n’a plus d’espoir

Il est là, le secret
A chacun de ses pas
Elle le voit, le secret
Elle l’entend, elle est près
Il est là, le secret
Toujours gravé dans la pierre
Pour que l’histoire ne retienne
Que le hasard et le mystère

Il est là, le secret
Pour lui, tout le monde se tait
On entend sans écouter
La fille qui veut aimer
Il est là, le secret
A faire ce qu’il lui plaît
A continuer de tromper
La jolie fille qui veut aimer
Il est là, le secret
Avec son destin scellé
Viendra le temps pour lui
D’aimer se raconter
A la fille qui veut aimer
A la fille qui veut aimer
A la fille qui veut aimer
Lui, la Terre et son secret

Il reste là le secret
Sans jamais dériver
Il vient le secret d’une île
De la Méditerranée
Il est là, le secret
Toujours avec un but sûr
Avancer et continuer
Pour faire vivre un futur

Il est transmettre, le secret
Il est omettre, le secret
Il créé, le secret
Un rêve, pas une réalité

Bien partagé, le secret est
Le moyen qu’elle a trouvé
Pour pouvoir aimer
Lui, la Terre et son secret

Bien partagé, le secret est
Le moyen qu’elle a trouvé
Pour pouvoir aimer
Lui, la Terre et son secret

Song written on the 25th of August 2016 in County Kerry, Ireland, after the eruption of the Volcano « La Pietra Gialla » that occured on the shores of the Small Sea, that forced Princess Rose and her Little Prince to leave Italy…

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