Love song for the earth: « The Sweet Land of Your Heart »

Posted By: Princess Rose On:

« The Sweet Land of Your Heart » is a song initially composed on the piano by Rose, The Princess of The Environment. The song is about the places where we feel safe and free, where we build our lives and memories, the kind of memories that forever stay in our hearts.

« The Sweet Land of Your Heart » is a soft love song, played and sung by Princess Rose with her piano and vocals and Marin Ishida, a talented violonist from Boston in the U.S.A, in her last year at Berklee College, also music producer and songwriter specialized in tailoring a song with the natural tone of her violin.

For the mix, sound making and mastering of the song, Princess Rose had the kind support of Justin Mercelina, a Dutch music producer, with a bachelor degree at the Rotterdam Conservatory in songwriting, signed with the major label BMG.

This song is dedicated to the earth lovers. May you be slowly rocked by « The Sweet Land of Your Heart »..


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