Declaration of Monaco: 4th of December 2018


More information about this declaration

Rose, The Princess of The Environment was in Monaco on the 4th of December 2018. She was invited by the representants of an international event about environment to express her thoughts, feelings and vision about Music and Art on Earth. On this occasion, Princess Rose proclaimed Music and Art as PUBLIC UTILITY TOOLS FOR THE EARTH. With this proclamation, Princess Rose opens a new way for the International Community of Environment and Sustainable Development in terms of Environmental Awareness, using Music and Art as federation tools.

Several goals are followed :

  • federating the international community of environment and sustainable development to music and art,
  • federating musicians and singers to do music for the earth and share with the public or private organizations willing to develop this kind of awareness,
  • federating artists to continue to do their art work for the earth supporting them to share their talents with the International Community of Environment.

With this declaration made in Monaco, Rose, The Princess of The Environment invites all decision makers (countries, presidents, kings, queens, princes, princesses, public or private heads) to integrate in their strategy of development a « shared space » where we can put music and art for the earth under the spotlight with all the support needed (organization, funds, media, audience…).

The interest of this declaration for artists, musicians and the International Community of Environment
For musicians, singers and artists: if you commit to the earth through your music or your artwork, you can freely use Princess Rose’s proclamation about music and art to show on which principles and values you rely on, when raising people awareness about the earth. By showing your interests and commitments to the earth with your heart, you contribute to the world education about environment and sustainable development and it can also bring you new opportunities.

For the international community of environment and sustainable development: if you want to develop empowering events related to environment and sustainable development, you need to use music and art beside, that are very attractive for people. Some musicians, singers or artists are very committed to environment and they can easily help event organizers with their music, words and art to raise people’s awareness.

Princess Rose and the Audience of the Earth

In December 2018, Rose, The Princess of The Environment launched in Monaco a global international event called « The Audience of The Earth », whose goal is to bring together innovators, educators, artists, musicians and singers around the issue of environment and sustainable development, thanks to five events:

  • Innovation for the Earth: it’s about innovations and solutions allowing to fight against climate change.
  • Education to the Earth: it’s about educative and funny activities to empower children and families about environment and sustainable development.
  • Art for the Earth: it’s about an art exhibition to inspire people about the beauty of the earth, music and love.
  • The Concert of the Earth: it’s a concert in three parts (music of the earth, children’s music, rock music) with committed and talented musicians and singers.
  • The Ceremony of Awards: this ceremony distinguishes people and projects in the framework of the Audience of the Earth.

People or organizations who are interested in participating in the 2019 Audience of the Earth are invited to contact Princess Rose using the contact form.

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