Princess Catherine is a member of the Princely Family of the Environment and Princess Rose’s mother for all royals, organizations and people.

Childhood in France (Paris and the Bordeaux region)
Princess Catherine was born in the South West region of France, in Libourne, on the 12th of July 1950, as the first born child of Princess Jacqueline. Princess Catherine was raised in Paris and went to a private girl school called « Le Parchamp » in Paris, then in « Le Lycée La Fontaine »where she had her high school diploma in literature and languages. At the age of 6 years old, Princess Catherine’s education was entrusted to Prince Jean and Princess Germaine (her grand-parents). Her mother, Princess Jacqueline, had another child who had pulmonary problems and who needed to be cured in another region, so Princess Catherine was educated in her childhood by the Princely couple of the Principality of the 19 Stars, who associated the Little Princess to their duty. To make the Little Princess dream during the absence of her mother, Prince Jean brought Princess Catherine during years in a family property near Bordeaux, surrounded by vineyards, forests, streams and horses.

Personal life
Princess Catherine got married in 1973 in Paris to a French physiotherapist. Princess Catherine had 3 children, a first daughter born in 1976, Princess Rose, a second daughter born in 1979, Princess Julie, and a son born in 1982, Prince Guillaume. Princess Catherine divorced in 2008 from her husband, with the consent of the Principality of the 19 Stars, which led her to assume by herself her princely duties.

Education and professional life
With her high school diploma specialized in literature and languages, Princess Catherine entered the University of Paris, in the English section. She developed many partnerships with the United Kingdom, especially in London, in Somerset and Avon, joining France and the U.K, through children’s education to languages. Later in life, Princess Catherine, as the President of the Parents Association, introduced obligatory courses in English at school from the age of 6. After University, Princess Catherine was recruited for her talents in the mastering of English, by a major American Company based in Paris specialized in the field of high technologies. There, she was responsible to organize international events for the whole group and their clients regarding marketing or communication events in Paris or in the United States. Princess Catherine then decided to do a break in her professional life to commit to her personal life and children’s education.

Commitments to education
From the birth of Princess Rose, her elder child, Princess Catherine committed to education; first with her own children, then to all other children. She used her skills and experiences of her international life to develop school programs and activities to facilitate the learning of English in schools. She rapidly became President of the School Association and she implemented many projects for students about awareness, about thinking their future, about prevention…

A hazard of life for Princess Catherine
In 2002, Princess Catherine was contaminated by a terrible blood infection, which left her during months between life and death. It finally ended well, but with damages on her body. A surgery of amputation of her fingers was needed, as the only solution left to cure her infection and save her life. Princess Catherine was put in a state of forced coma and the family was asked by the medical force to authorize the surgery. After a few weeks, Princess Catherine woke up from her coma and was sent to a health recovering centre. She had lost all muscles in her body and needed to learn everything again, from eating to talking, walking… It took Princess Catherine almost 6 years to totally recover from this hazard of life, and since this time, she leaves a peaceful and happy life surrounded by her children and grand-children, The Little Prince Luka.

Princess Catherine’s abdication to the Principality of the 19 Stars
When the discussion about the succession for the Principality of the 19 Stars occurred in 2017 between the three Princesses representing the three generations of women of the Family of The Environment, the decision of abdication of Princess Catherine was taken in accordance of all, first due to her personal hazard of life, which makes tiring for her long official representation, second due to her personal wish for her future. Indeed, Princess Catherine feels more useful in supporting her daughter Princess Rose for her duties and helping her to educate the Little Prince, when his mother is on duty. With this decision of abdication to the Principality of the 19 Stars, Princess Catherine gives the official representative role of the country to Princess Rose, her daughter.

Princess Catherine and her official duties for the Principality of the 19 Stars
Princess Catherine’s official duty for the Principality of the 19 Stars is sharing knowledge, experiences and stories in order to educate future generations to social values and environment and the planet, using her “grand-mother” wordsto speak and share with children at international. Princess Catherine is a member of the Council of the Principality of the 19 Stars.

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