Princess Jacqueline was a member of the Princely Family of the Environment, and the official representative of the Principality of the 19 Stars from 1992 to 2018 for all royals, organizations and people.

Childhood in Paris
Princess Jacqueline was born in Le Vésinet (a city near Paris in France) on the 9th of September 1923, as the first-born child of Prince Jean (who was the official representative of the Principality of the 19 Stars during nearly all the 20th century) and his wife Princess Germaine.

Education and professional experiences
Princess Jacqueline was raised until the age of 18 years old in a private girl school in Paris, where she studied literature and history. Then, as a young woman, she started to work with her father, Prince Jean, in his paper industry. She was in charge of assisting him when dealing with relationships with businesses and for the administrative management of the paper industry. During the World War II and thanks to her skills in stenography, Princess Jacqueline also helped typing letters and sending news in the free zone… After the war, she continued to work with her father, Prince Jean, in the paper industry, and she took part in many official events, among those, his father’s nomination at the Presidency of the « Best Workers of France » in 1961. Later in life, she finally assisted her own husband who also worked in the carton industry.

Personal life
Princess Jacqueline married in 1949 to a business man from the carton industry, who was himself originary from an ancient family of the South West of France, specialized in the mills industry and vineyards. She had two daughters, among those, her first-born child, Princess Catherine, in 1950.

A princess in love with books
As far as she could recall, Princess Jacqueline was raised by the princely couple in the love of books and culture. All traditional and reknown writers had no secret for her. She was passionate of the time of the musketeers from Alexandre Dumas. She also loved great women stories and tales. Princess Jacqueline’s library was amazing and was a big testimony of her love for the words. She used to say that the books made her travel. When she became a grandmother, Princess Jacqueline started story-telling with wonderful fairy tales. The tales were the words she found to explain her grandchildren, what is the life of little princes and princesses and their responsibilities for their homeland. Princess Jacqueline was a very committed grandmother, who shared her knowledge and stories until the last days of her life in the end of 2018.
During her life, Princess Jacqueline spent a lot of her time in museums in France or in Italy (in Venice and Firenze), admiring the beauty of fine art through time, learning new things and sharing them with her family and friends.

The succession to the Principality of the 19 Stars
In 2017, the Council of the 19 Stars, composed of Princess Jacqueline, her daughter, Princess Catherine and her grand-daughter, Princess Rose, met in order to discuss about the future of the Principality and the new official representative. A decision of abdication was taken for Princess Catherine, due to health and life concerns.
Princess Rose was then prepared by Princess Jacqueline, to represent the Principality of the 19 Stars, which happened on the 6th of November 2018, when Princess Jacqueline died at the age of 95.

Princess Jacqueline and her official duties for the Principality of the 19 Stars
Princess Jacqueline’s official duty for the Principality of the 19 Stars was to educate future generations to literature, culture, social relationships and environment, using her “grand-mother” words to speak and share with children. In her life, she raised many children always promoting the importance of reading and thinking by oneself.
Princess Jacqueline is also the one who shared the love flame for Monaco. She was born 6 years before Princess Grace of Monaco and she admired her so much as a woman. Princess Jacqueline used to say that the Grimaldi Family was part of the family. She was so happy to follow the life of the Little Prince and the two Little Princesses (she meant H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, H.S.H Princess Caroline of Monaco and H.S.H Princess Stéphanie of Monaco).
Princess Jacqueline raised her family and grandchildren in the love for the Monaco Rose, explaining why this country was so unique and extraordinary and how her own family was linked to the history of Monaco.
Princess Jacqueline has been part of the Council of the 19 Stars, beside her parents, Prince Jean and Princess Germaine, since the age of 21. She then became herself the official representative of the Principality of the 19 Stars from 1992 to 2018 when her father died.

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