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🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 Rose, The Princess of The Environment is about to tease the people of the earth with « Miss Liberty » ⭐️🌎🎹🎤🌎⭐️

The interesting in the making of a song is seeing it grow until the day it’s released for people on earth. Indeed, this is what stimulates Rose, The Princess of The Environment, in the music making process, also because she is the composer. The truth is that Princess Rose doesn’t make songs for herself but for people on earth, so going through the process of making means that the release is about to occur and that people will be able to listen soon ❤️🌎💙

When Princess Rose composed the song « Miss Liberty » back in 2016, she knew straight away that it had the potential to be orchestrated with rock music instruments and maybe, she already even had the guitar melody in mind. She then realized that all of years spent at the Conservatory of Music and Art spent on the decomposition of the music lines of the Requiem of Mozart were so useful and that it would give her this unique chance to be able to make all the instruments sing above and around her piano. In fact, this is the new trend that actually happens on earth, all the instruments of the rock’n’roll men sing beside Princess Rose’s piano, and that’s a great news for the people on earth, because it means that some good romantic rock music is being played to empower people about the planet.

Considering the importance of sharing what we do and love, so it can serve other people, Princess Rose decided to make a sort of music teaser, so everybody is able to notice her process of music making and how each musician is important in a song to bring the best to the song. Indeed, that’s what happens to « Miss Liberty ». The song was already empowering on Princess Rose’s piano with a kind of crystal clear and heavenly melody, then the fact of bringing the other instruments have made the song grow to what it was meant to initially be, and the result is just fantastic for the earth ❤️🌎💙

For the teaser of « Miss Liberty », Princess Rose will release during the upcoming days, each day, an instrument on a small extract of the song, so you, the music lovers, will be able to share the same feelings as Princess Rose felt when she first listened to another instrument for « Miss Liberty ». Princess Rose was just so delighted, found everything so swingy and she had a big smile on her face, because each instrument she heard from her amazing American Dream Team of rock’n’roll men is what she had had in mind since the first day when she composed the song « Miss Liberty » and that’s what will forever unite her with those fantastic musicians who gave life to her music dream for « Miss Liberty ».

Let’s start with the first day: Miss Liberty – piano and vocals 🎹🎤

Tomorrow is another day with another great surprise for music lovers and the earth ❤️🌎💙

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