Princess Rose is a member of the Princely Family of the Environment and the official representative of the Principality of 19 Stars for all royals, organizations and people.

Princess Rose’s childhood in France

Princess Rose was born on the 4th of December 1976, in Paris, France, as the first-born daughter of Princess Catherine. The little Princess was raised from her birth to the age of 23, between Paris, the city of her family obligations in that time, and Angers, a nice city, situated in the North West of France, in the Valley of the Loire, where we find the most amazing French Kings Castles; an area also recognized of its vineyards. In Angers, Princess Rose was part of a private Montesorri school and evolved at international, she then studied during more than ten years at the Conservatory of Arts and Music in piano, solfeggio, singing and rhythms. Princess Rose was also a sport girl, doing tennis, swimming and many other sports. Princess Rose was fortunate to be also part of “Wells Cathedral School” in Somerset U.K, when she was a teenager.

Princess Rose’s education and first steps in professional life
Princess Rose was part until 18 years old of « The College and Lycée David d’Angers » in France, and she had a diploma in 1995 of literature, maths and sciences. Few years later, she obtained a Master II in Business Administration at the University of La Rochelle, with an option in market research, which led her to integrate a market and opinion research in Paris in 2000, as an international research executive working for many major businesses. Considering her strong experience after only three years, Princess Rose created her own research agency in France that she developed during 10 years, especially in the fields of social and environmental issues. Among her realizations, we find the Health and Environment Plan.

Princess Rose and Junior Chamber International
Princess Rose was lucky in 2007 to integrate JCI Monaco, to be part of a commission dedicated to environmental affairs, whose goal was to help Monaco Businesses and facilitate their transition to the concept of sustainable development. Princess Rose managed the whole project on Corporate Social Responsibility from 2008 to 2010. In this framework, she participated in 2009, in the JCI Leadership Summit on Climate Change at the United Nations in Genova, Switzerland, and she reported as a leading voice for Monaco and the general assembly, the necessity to seal a deal for a better future on the earth, especially regarding environmental matters. In the social movement JCI, Princess Rose discover a unique manner of becoming a leading voice at international, sharing knowledge and experiences, and since that time, she organized and was part of many conferences and events to raise people and businesses’ awareness about the importance of committing to environmental preservation to fight against climate change.

Princess Rose’s personnal life
Princess Rose is the happy mother of the Little Prince Luka, who was born in 2006.

Princess Rose’s research institute in Monaco
Princess Rose is today a market and opinion research director specialized in environment and sustainable development, with her own research institute based in Monaco, whose mission has been to assist businesses and public organizations since 2011. She collaborates with many Monaco organizations for their projects about environment and sustainable development, she develops her own projects in Monaco and at international, and she is a leading voice at international about women’s leadership for the earth and future generations. In Monaco, Princess Rose is surrounded by many supportive organizations, such as: Monaco Government, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, MC2D (the Monaco NGO for sustainable development), Monaco Oceanographic Museum, The Grimaldi Forum Monaco, Monaco Direction for Tourism and Congress, and many other organizations which bring support.

Princess Rose: music, art and heritage
Princess Rose has been raised in the worlds of music and art since her early age. At 6 years old, she passed a selection exam in Angers to enter the Conservatory of Arts and Music in piano, solfeggio, singing and rhythms and she studied there until the age of 17. From the age of 17 to 39, Princess Rose participated in several music projects, as a leisure (however she had stoppped her piano in this time), and she decided in 2016, to start again seriously her piano and singing, to serve her awareness project to empower people to commit to the earth. In another field, when she was 13, Princess Rose had been selected for the French National Dictation from the renown “Bernard Pivot”, who probably gave her the love for writing. It could be one of the reasons why Princess Rose became a writer for the earth with her tale « Moonlight Serenade ». Finally, Princess Jacqueline, Princess Rose’s grand-mother, was always delighted to bring her to the French National Museums, like Le Louvre, Versailles…, and as a passionate herself by history and culture, she raised Princess Rose in the open mind of being interested in art, and even encourage her to create herself. Princess Rose does art work in many fields with various materials.

Princess Rose and her official duties for the Principality of the 19 Stars
Princess Rose has been raised in the tradition and rules of the Blue and Gold Blazon and the Blazon of the earth from her early age while living a peaceful and happy life, as a child, teenager, young woman and mother. In 2017, Princess Rose was officially asked by Princess Jacqueline, the official representative of the country, to prepare to take action in the name of the Principality of the 19 Stars. A year time was necessary between the two women to prepare Princess Jacqueline’s succession and Princess Rose’s nomination, which happened on the 6th of November 2018. Princess Rose is now the official representative of the Principality of the 19 Stars.

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