Rose, The Princess of The Environment will attend Monaco Anime Game International at The Grimaldi Forum Monaco

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Rose, The Princess of The Environment and her son, Luka, The Little Prince will attend Monaco Anime Game International (MAGIC) at The Grimaldi Forum Monaco in the framework of an official visit on March 9, 2019.

Princess Rose’s official visit will follow different goals:

  • It will be a mother and son’s moment of love and sharing around comics, cartoons, video games, music and creativity.

  • It will be the opportunity to be part of an international pop culture event related to creative writing, drawing, artistic, comics and music communities committed to future generations.

  • It will also be a chance to meet other parents, children and professionals around these topics.

  • It will be the occasion to attend a cosplay event (cosplay is about disguising in a character and acting the role in real life. Most cosplayers are mangas or characters from Japaneese cartoons, video games and comics).

  • It will also be the occasion to meet some international reknown people for their talents from different fields and present them Princess Rose’s initiatives in art and music for the earth.

The Monaco Anime Game International guests are:

  • The Japaneese manga and anime game creator, Leiji Matsumoto (the creator of Albator).

  • The Japaneese manga drawer, Kazuki Takahashi.

  • The American scenarist and comics creator, Chris Claremont.

  • The American comics editor, writer and cartoonist, Jimmy Palmiotti.

  • The American comics cartoonist, Amanda Conner.

  • The Irish comics creator, William Simpson.

  • The Japaneese creator of the video games Virtua Fighter and Shenmue, Yu Suzuki.

  • The comics creators and cartoonists, Lyse and Didier Tarquin.

  • The actor and movies producer, Christopher Lambert.

  • The French cosmonaut, Jean-François Clervoy.

  • The French TV Star for children, the rocker and the show-man, Jacky.

  • The French Hip-Hop band IAM.

  • And many other talented people.


The event MAGIC will take place at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco, which is a worldwide reknown center dedicated to welcome different types of events in the field of culture, music, art, history, environment and sustainable development, health, education, automotive, packaging, luxury…
The Grimaldi Forum Monaco has some really nice references of exhibitions and international events like the Golden Treasures of Pharaohs, Maria By Callas, The Chef World Summit, The Forbidden City in Monaco, Data Cloud Europe, Art Monte Carlo, Interpol, Luxe Pack Monaco, UEFA Season Kick off, Monte Carlo Television Festival, Top Marques, West Side Story, The Grace Kelly’s years, Princess of Monaco…

Since the year 2008, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco has committed to sustainable development; working on energies integrating solar and sea energy from the Mediterranean Sea and on mastering their transports and their CO2 emissions in partnership with Prince Albert II of Monaco’s Foundation.


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