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Chapter 5

Following the support of The Beatles with their magic yellow submarine, Rose, The Princess of The Environment was heard by the underwater social media world and they spread the word about the « World Blue Fish Competition » held in Monaco during the summer 2018.
Princess Rose received the candidature of many participants who were all very good looking Blue Princes.
One day, Princess Rose went back to Monaco Oceanographic Museum to see the Monaco Pink Fish, Rose-Mary, and she asked her to describe how was the Blue Fish of her dreams, the one she called Loving Eyes.
As a creative Pink Fish, Rose-Mary drew the following image of her fantastic Blue Fish. This is how the whole world discovered who was the Blue Fish.


However, Princess Rose said that the final choice for the Blue Fish would be left to the Jury of the « World Blue Fish Competition » composed of The Little Prince Luka and Jean-Pierre, the Monaco seagull. The deal was sealed between Princess Rose and Rose-Mary.
The winner would be the bravest Blue Fish of the earth…

Look carefully at each participant in the animation below.

The Little Prince Luka launches you a challenge…
Among the 14 participants to the « World Blue Fish Competition » is hidden an intruder, who doesn’t belong to the underwater world. When you find the correct answer, search a photo of the intruder on the Internet and post it on your Instagram, tagging:
1) The Little Prince Luka
2) Princess Rose


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