The Audience of the Earth in Monaco

Rose, The Princess of The Environment launched an international format of event in December 2018, called « The Audience of the Earth » which goal is to present topics and tools related to environmental preservation on the earth. The idea started in Princess Rose’s mind when she wrote her tale for the planet « Moonlight Serenade », in which she imagined the Audience of The Earth on the Monaco Rock. Just one year after the writing of the tale, Princess Rose’s dream has come true, and the Audience of The Earth occured in Monaco during 5 days. The Audience of the Earth is composed of 5 events :

  • Innovation for the Earth, whose goal is to bring together people who are committed in the field of environmental innovation.
  • Education to the Earth, which presents education initiatives for children and families in the field of environment.
  • Art for the Earth, which is an art exhibition to beautify the earth, related to environment, love and music.
  • The Concert of the Earth, which goal is to bring together some talented musicians who are committed to the earth.
  • The Awards Ceremony distinguishes committed and talented artists in the field of music.

Audience of the Earth 2018

Global event about environment, innovation, education, art and music

Conference to share good solutions to fight against climate change

Good ideas to educate children and people to the environment

An art exhibition to beautify the earth with music and love

A concert to delight people's heart and souls about the earth

A ceremony to distinguish talented and committed artists to the earth


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